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A Modern Twist

This modern white farmhouse set in an open field surrounded by sheep, Alpaca and other farm animals, is a classic setting in Vermont. The sweeping bluestone walk invites you to the front door, while a step stone walkway off to the side encourages you to take a detour. As you roam around the side of the house, you happen upon a patio embraced by the home and a board-formed concrete wall. A sitting area, fire pit and dining area begin to spill off the patio, leading you to the meadow & farm animals in the background. The sparkling water of Lake Champlain beckons you in the distance. As you approach the water you find a charming little cottage. A curving set of steps carries you down to the shore where you find a Panton stone seating area with a fire pit, creating the perfect overlook and end to your journey.

Landscape Architect: Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture

Gardens:  Greenhaven Gardens & Nursery

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