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Artistic Haven

As you enter this surreal property, art catches your eye at every turn. Whether it's a sculpture in the woods as you meander along the driveway, an airplane propeller on the garage, a fountain bubbling away as you enter the inner garden, a pink stone table or the blades of an old windmill, art is everywhere!

A curvilinear flagstone walkway leads you to bluestone steps pinched between native boulders. These alternating steps and landings signal you to enter further. The approach to the breezeway gives you a moment to pause and look through the window created at the "Inner Garden". A bubbling fountain ushers you in to explore the lush textures of the garden.  Large Goshen flagstones sparkle in the sun, river rocks surround the fountain, a fine carpet of moss edges the path while bold coarse perennials add to the contrast.  Paving materials change often and lead you on adventures into the woods, along Lake Champlain and bluffs overlooking. Various nooks invite you to sit awhile, enjoy the view and move on to see what's next. As you make your way around the home you find a crisp Adirondack granite retaining wall with steps leading you to an ornate gate, behind the gate is an outdoor shower. Once the day has been washed away, you are led back to the inner garden + the adventure can begin again.

Landscape Architect: Knauf Landscape Architecture

Gardens:  Greenhaven Gardens & Nursery

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